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A huge range of hinges, catches, corners, screws, locks, magnets, knobs, chains, stays, hooks, bolts, inlays, sanding discs, files, polishing pads, interface pads, scourers, sand paper, drill bits and a dazzling range of veneer inlays for box making and creative carpentry.

Hardware for Creative Finishes

Box Making Hardware, Veneer Inlay, Brass Fittings, Sand Paper & More

About Us

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Michael Mogy. I was born into the tool and hardware business. As a child, during my weekends and after school I worked in my fathers hardware business in South Africa. We moved to Australia in the mid 1970’s. When I finished my schooling, I worked in hardware and tools.

I have always specialised in procuring the unusual, hard to get but always something that my customers “have been looking for for ages”.

I travel all over the country doing the Wood-Worker Shows, agricultural field days, Vintage Car Swap meets and some craft shows. I am taking my wares to the people in remote areas as well as to other capital cities in all states. Many people know me and wait from show to show to purchase something from the “Toolologist”.

Now I have teamed up with my wife Gerdi, and we have brought to you what we believe to be one of the largest ranges of box makers brassware and veneer inlays available.

Please enjoy our web site and thank you for visiting.
Michael Mogy

Hardware for Creative Finishes - Veneer Inlay Australia


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