Michael, I just received the hinges, thank you.


 I’m sure we are all looking forward to the day when you are once again able to travel up this way to attend the shows and visit the clubs. Unfortunately most recently we seem to be going backward and that visit time looks a long way off. That said at least your mail order service is excellent and from both a members and club perspective we know we can get our box making needs etc directly from you and always in a prompt manner. So until physical catchup time comes with you and your wares…Take care. Phil 

Thanks Michael, Tom and his teacher are very pleased with the box hardware.

I am impressed with the speed of your service and awesome communication. If you would like me to leave a review for your business, please send me a link. Have a great weekend, Kim Lavery.

Hi Michael, Thanks heaps for that!!

So glad you stock these screws. Looked far and wide!!! Was even looking over seas.

Happy to support an Aussie business

Thanks mate!!

Regards, Bernard

Michael your service is remarkable.

I think I’ve promoted you to about 6 of my fellow woodies already. Your product is also top shelf stuff. You’ve won me over. Kevin 

Thank you, Michael

Your prompt and efficient service, as usual, is really impressive and much appreciated. Cheers and all the best to you, too.

Kind Regards,


Dear Michael.
Thanks for the quick delivery !!

I received it on my 75th birthday , and it was put with my presents.
I looked at the package and wondered who the hell was “Michael” from Dungog !! I had farm on the Hunter at Bolwarra and thought it might be a forgotten friend.
Anyway I opened the package and the penny dropped.
I had just finished the last of a birthday bottle of champaign and put the empty bottle in the plastic Postage Bag you used , for disposal.
After I had finished opening the presents , I picked up the Postage Bag , and felt a bottle in there.
“Oh my” I said to myself as I felt the package….Michael must have included a complimentary bottle of wine with my sandpaper , and I missed it !
It’s good to be 75……..


Received within 24 hours!


Received within 24 hours! Thanks for the phenomenal service.

Best Regards,


Thank you from a craftsman


I know you by name, reputation and that I have bought your products. I realise that you probably wouldn’t know me if we ran into each other but that is fine. I appreciate what you and the other folk like you do for our small but growing community of craftspeople. So thank you for being there, and thank you for your communications and the products and help you provide.

I will continue to buy various items from you – this is usually via the working with wood show for me and a put money aside and roll up usually having a good idea what I need. I am increasingly using the internet to purchase my supply’s so I see no reason why I shouldn’t place orders with you as well. I warn you that you will not get rich with what I buy but it be used and will be appreciated.

I am not sure what role Gerdi plays in your business but I bet without there to help your business would all the less. So thanks to her as well.

I hope the season allows you both to get some relaxing time and I’ll contact you again in 2014.



Thank you from a happy workwork hardware client

Thanks so much Michael and Gerdi for the Christmas wishes.

Thank you for your “personal Touch” that seems to be your trademark. (At the Brissy show Gerdi wrapped some saw files individually in newspaper, that I had purchased. Attention to detail/personal touch. I was impressed).

Thank you too for “being on duty” over the Season to help us out.

Just make sure you both have a good break and enjoy putting your feet up

Merry Christmas


Decorative inlays for box making

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your enquiry, have nothing on the go at the moment, but should I require your product in the future will not hesitate to contact you.

The decorative inlays I used on the box I made for my daughter in law were a great success – she was impressed!



Prompt service

Dear Michael,

Happy New Year!

The goods arrived this morning Friday, thank you for such a prompt service (as always).



Express Post

Thank you so much Michael for sending my order, even Express Post – it came today, and I can see my way forward to finishing my box for a gift on the weekend!  Much appreciated!

The Artisans on the Hill venue we have visited last August.  All of the items for sale were stunning, some providing wonderful ideas for creating timber items myself.  I’m thinking about attending, so thanks.



Hand written invoice

Hi Michael / Gerdi,

Thank you for your goods that I have now received.(it was nice to still see a hand written invoice.)

Thank you.


Danny Ginty


Hi Michael,

Your goods arrived today.

Thanks for going the extra mile with your packaging.

I will send a photo of the finished article.


Four-In-Hand Rasp

Hi Michael and Gerdi,

Just an appreciative customer saying thanks- I’ve been hunting around for the so called “four-in-hand rasp” for a while now- A fella from the Woodwork Forums sent me your way.

Having seen your range, I’m impressed and I’ll be back for more- Also looking forward to seeing you at the Canberra woodworking show later this year!


Impressive Customer Service


Thanks for prompt service. Hinges arrived yesterday (Wednesday). Impressive customer service.


Impressive Delivery Time

Hi Michael,

Rec”d locks Friday, impressive delivery time! Key in one lock is too tight, so will do a small re-bore to fix.

Thanks, excellent service.

Speedy Service

Hello Gerdi,

Thanks very much for your speedy service – everything arrived safe and sound at Vicki’s. My postal service is a bit unreliable at times so it’s a lot safer to use Vicki’s and also, I don’t have any parcel deliveries.

It’s been a real pleasure dealing with you and I hope we can do it again soon.

Regards and best wishes,

Lifesaver Screws Arrival


Thanks very much for sending the screws. I make up my boxes and only put in 2 screws each end till they are finished and then I polish/oil etc and put in he remaining screws and nip up. I misplaced the screws this time and I had to have the boxes finished for the Sunday markets and have been panicking and searching a few hours for the screws. All’s well that ends well they say. I’m off to market tomorrow with all my boxes with all their screws..

Hooray and thanks again.