Strap Hinges 6mm x 35mm

Strap Hinges 6mm x 35mm - Hardware for Creative Finishes - Veneer Inlay Australia

Strap Hinges 6mm x 35mm


 Brass plated, polished Strap Hinges < Stop Hinges > 6mm x 35mm open to 105° with screws

 to suit – no need for Stays or Chain – neat and simple

 (1 pair)

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Strap Hinges 6mm x 35mm

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These Brass Plated STOP HINGES are the perfect pair of hinges to  use and these < Strap Hinges ,.> <  STOP Hinges > are ideal when you really want to appreaciate Great Figured Australian Timbers.

Other popular items in our comprehensive Range of BOX  MAKERS BRASSWARE are 8 mm BARREL Hinges CH13 < concealled hinges > 90`

Solid Brass STOP HINGES, box chain , small brass / nickle plated wood screws.

Through the hand we find simplicity. Through simplicity comes uniqueness and character.