Chrome plated Concealed Hinges 4mm

Concealed Hinges - Chrome Plated 4mm

Chrome plated Concealed Hinges 4mm


 Chrome plated Concealed Hinges 4mm (5 pairs) Bullet Hinges Barrell Hinges

 Code: CH24

Chrome plated Concealed Hinges 4mm


HOW TO USE THESE HINGES: Just drill a hole (4mm, 5mm or 6mm) and glue in! These hinges are traditionally used for pen boxes or small boxes using a miximum 8mm timer. Now if you follow as in photo of box, by cutting a 45º angle lid and body of box and inserting the hinges in the angle as in the diagram below. You can use 10mm timber. You will have an extreme cost effective result also no need for box chain or box stay and a sturdy open lid ad 115º. All you will need now is a pair of Hardware for Creative Finishes box magnets, available from our online store

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