A2005 Veneer Inlay Red


A2005 Veneer Inlay Red


 Veneer Inlay length 1220mm x 6.5mm (1 length)

 Code: A2005

A2005 Veneer Inlay Red


“You are only limited by your imagination” Enjoy using these INLAY BANDINGS.

Our INLAY BANDINGS are used by Box- Makers, One off Furniture Makers, Furniture Restorers ,Kitchen and Cabinet Makers & Musical Instrument Makers. Almost by anybody creating something Special out of Timber.

This Design of INLAY BANDING is part of a very large range of Veneer INLAY BANDINGS & Veneer INLAY MOTIFS available to you in Australia.#timberartisansupplies#woodartisansupplies

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